23 Pairs of Travel Shoes Editors Always Pack

23 Pairs of Travel Shoes Editors Always Pack
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When traveling, no article of clothing can hold you back quite like uncomfortable or inappropriate footwear can. Sure, an exposed clavicle or a pair of too-tight leggings can bar you from certain experiences, but shoes that destroy your feet will banish you to your hotel room — fast. When your itinerary includes lots and lots of walking, travel shoes leave no room for compromise.

To help you find the perfect pair, we asked our editors to share their personal must-packs and found travel shoe picks that have withstood the packed museums of Paris, bustling sidewalks of Berlin, and remote trails of the Andes.

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You’ll find our favorite stylish flats, comfy sneakers, sturdy sandals, versatile boots, and even a few pairs of travel-friendly heels. And here’s a fun game: Count how many times we mention the merits of a shoe that slips easily off and on at airport security. Next to comfort, it’s without a doubt our favorite footwear attribute.

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