We Found a Way to Get Kate Middleton’s $60 Espadrilles

We Found a Way to Get Kate Middleton’s $60 Espadrilles
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Whenever Kate Middleton is photographed wearing anything, it sells out fast, especially her affordable looks. So it’s no surprise that people have been trying to get their hands on the Duchess of Cambridge’s $60 Monsoon Fleur Espadrille wedges since she first wore them back in 2016.

Luckily, we never give up on solving a fashion mystery. And when Middleton stepped out wearing them again over the weekend, we decided to do a little bit more digging. It turns out the fashion gods answered our prayers and restocked the espadrilles on the brand’s website. The trick is to skip the U.S. format and instead, visit the U.K. version where every size is currently in stock. The coveted shoes are marked as £45, which converts to a little less than $60.

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But let’s face it, these babies will not last for long. That’s why we’ve gathered a few look-alikes below.

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